About History for Kids

My name is Stephen Byrne, I’m 14 years old (started the website when I was 12) I’m the creator of the History for Kids website. I live in Dublin, Ireland with my brother Paul, Mom and Dad.

About a year ago in school I was working on a project about history. My dad suggested we work on a website to help me understand the topic better, and also learn more about programming websites, which is another topic I love.

To be honest it has been a long project getting this site up and running, I’ve also had lots of help along the way. I’ve learned so much about history, and I have so much more to learn.

I would like to thank Philip Martin for allowing us to use his beautiful clip art on the website. Philip has an amazing talent and was very kind in given us permission to use his work.

I’ve had help with some of the content on the site. I had help with the amazing coloring pages simple because I’m a kid, I still go to school, play sports, play xbox so finding time to learn to draw and write every single article would take forever.

I have been reading a lot of books about history as you can see in the picture. I’ve had fun creating the website and also working on the quiz area. I hope all the information is correct and accurate, and I will of course update any mistakes as we come across them.

Teachers and Librarians

It’s taken a lot of research to get this website up and running, below I’ve listen the websites and books that I’ve used for reference. I hope I’ve included everything but I might have missed a couple. I’ve also had help from some writers simply because we wanted to get the information on the site quickly to help people researching topics.

The writers that we’ve used are all experts on these topics and might have used some other resources not listed below. All are teachers and work with children and understand what we are trying to achieve with the website.

We hope you will find the articles easy to read and informative. As I’m sure you will appreciate there is a balance between keeping this really easy to read and overdoing things with content. If you have any feedback on this please let us know.

I’ll add to this list below as I go along, however no one is perfect please forgive any mistakes on the website we take great care to check everything and if you do happen to find any please let us know by email at Stephen @ historyforkids .net

All the best

Stephen – (his Dad and Family)



The British Museum – Dictionary of Ancient Egypt (Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson)

100 facts Ancient Egypt – Miles Kelly

National Geographic – Everything Ancient Egypt

Eyewitness Ancient Egypt

I wonder why Pyramids were built – Philip Steele

Egyptian things to make and do – Emily Bone


The complete illustrated history of Rome – Nigel Rodgers

Ruthless Romans – Terry Deary

A Visitors guide to Ancient Rome – Lesley Sims

See Inside Ancient Rome – Laura Parker and Dr. Anne Millard

Rome and Romans – Heather Amery and Patricia Vanags

Eyewitness Ancient Rome – Dr. Simon James

Who were the Romans – Phil Roxbee Cox

100 Facts Ancient Rome – Fiona Macdonald and Richard Tames (Miles Kelly)


The illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece – Nigle Rodgers

Ancient Greece – Stephanie Turnbull

I wonder why Greeks Built Temples –   Fiona Macdonald

Ancient Greece – Peter Connolly

Tools of the Ancient Greeks – Kris Bordessa


If I were a kid in Ancient China

Eyewitness Books – Ancient China – Arthur Cotterell

Ancient China – Mel Friedman

Ancient China – Philip Steele

Middle Ages

See inside the middle ages – Rob Lloyd Jones and David Hancock

National Geographic – Everything Castles – Peter Brown

100 Facts – Knights and Castles – Jane Walker and Richard Tames (Miles Kelly)


Please fell free to contact me at   stephen@historyforkids.net  with any questions you have. I cannot promise to answer all emails, I will read them (or my dad) and will reply to as many as I can.